With Gratitude...

Ceremonial Cacao is a love offering from me, Lucy, founder of Cacao Keeper. Through my journey with cacao, a very clear foundation has been established - Cacao is here to align us further to mother earth. 'Cacao Keeper' is the reminder that we have the responsibility to live what we believe in, and spread practices which ultimately promote harmony with nature and ourselves.

My relationship with cacao began at a very young age, like many of us who grew up with an affinity to chocolate. However it wasn't until 2016 that I had 100% cacao (chocolate) bar. I was in Cusco, Peru, and was utterly fascinated by this cacao product - it was strewn all over their local markets and small shops dedicated solely for cacao. I returned back to NZ with a fair few kg's of this chocolate.


It wasn't until a few months later and I was in Bali where I turned up and my dear sister says 'jump on the scooter we are going to a cacao ceremony', she was just as clueless as I was about what we were going to. I mean I had just spent time in Peru with sacred plant medicine and ceremony, so I was curious what ceremony with cacao would be like. 

After a few months of going deep with cacao, it dawned on me the great plan the universe had for me being with so fascinated by the cacao in Cusco. Upon returning to NZ, I found myself sharing circles and introducing community to this wonderful thing that had become part of my life - Cacao Ceremony. 

I am so humbled by this path and the journey of sharing cacao, I am always a student of mother nature and her abundant ways of life. It would be true to say I wouldn't be who I am without my Cacao practice in my life. 

lucy brooking cacao keeper
group cacao ceremony

Live in Harmony with Nature

As I have journeyed along this path, I have understood that there is a lot of corruption in the agriculture industry, and it started many many years ago. 

Lets take Cacao for example: it was in the 1500's when Christopher Columbus is said to have taken cacao back to Europe. The popularity of Cacao (chocolate and drinking chocolate) spread, and due to this increase in demand, the production of cacao had to increase. Simple right. But what happens over the years is chocolate producers want to pay as little as they can... crops are hybridized, sprays and pesticides are used, unethical working conditions are introduced... and the sacredness to this magical fruit is lost. 

Now, as a consumer of Cacao, I have the responsibility to support a supplier/farmer who is maintaining a pure connection to cacao, as this is what shifts an industry and empowers consumers. 

This is where Cacao Keeper comes in, we source all of our cacao from a single farm in Northern Peru, there is no broker involved, and practices are in place that are 'beyond organic'. Meaning Cacao is farmed in its natural environment (agroforestry), by a family that actually cares, processed on-site and sent directly to NZ. It is this type of dedication that enables a supply chain to be transparent, and clean... and one that I am proud of.