Leading with Heart

Part of the Cacao Keeper purpose is to uplift other leaders in the community to shine their unique light and to embody the leader they are. Each Cacao Keeper Facilitator has been though the Cacao Keeper training, either Initiation to Cacao & Circle Facilitation, or Circle Facilitation Training, with me Lucy. 

This is a special component to Cacao Keeper, as we wouldn't be where we are today without all of those around us. 

Each Cacao Keeper holds their own ceremonies and works with cacao to further embody harmony and truth on their path. 

We have an amazing constellation of Cacao Keepers and are proud to have cacao magic being spread through their hearts! 

Cacao Ceremony & Circle Space Facilitators

Cacao has the ability to guide us to our hearts, it is a remembering... we were born this way. We open to the magic within ourselfs, and then unfolds the natural healing, leading, and whole being you are!