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Cacao Keeper Sourcing

Peruvian Cacao 

Our ceremonial Peruvian cacao pure, cacao powder, and cacao butter are all from the same farm in Tocache, Peru. Cacao from this source is considered 'rescue cacao' as the farmers have been able to earn an income from cacao instead of the illegal drug trade. The head farmer Rolando has been able to develop this initiative to change the lives of many in his community. Sourced with Corin and Sally from Seleno Health. 

- Certified organic

- Shade grown

Balinese Cacao, Ubud Raw 

Ceremonial cacao from Bali. Ubud Raw is a positive force for change in Bali, they work with growers in West Bali. Adding to the potency of cacao, daily ceremony and offerings are given to the cacao trees as they grow and develop.

- Certified organic

- Shade grown

Solomon Island Cacao 

Our wondeful Solomon Island Ceremonial Cacao, and whole cacao beans are sourced with Oonagh from The Cacao Ambassador. This Cacao is grown and processed by hand, from the dedicated group of women farmers. Check them out here.

- Shade grown 

- Spray-free

- Hand processed

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