Enhancing your Cacao Ceremony

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

cacao keeper altar

Creating an altar for your home practice is a powerful way to enhance your ceremony.

Ceremony is a time and space to connect to the elements around you, to set intentions, blessings, fill up on gratitude, connect to the spirit of Cacao, and the essence that exists within us all.

Utilizing an altar enhances these aspects of Ceremony as an altar is a physical expression of the unseen, and this is your time to craft an altar that is powerful, meaningful and special to you and your practice for that very moment.

Tips for creating your altar:

  • Lay out a special cloth, mesa, fabric to define an area which will contain your altar.

  • Collect a few items that you have around your home which have special meaning to you. This may be a piece of jewelry from a loved one, a rock or crystal that you carry with you in certain times, a feather you were gifted from a bird etc.

  • Bring in a piece from nature, this may be a fallen leaf a flower, a stick, or stone from the ground. This piece doesn't have to be visually pretty, let yourself be draw to something in that moment. This piece from nature is used to represent the cycle of life. You will collect this item for the use on your altar for this ceremony only, honoring it as sacred, and then after ceremony returning it back to nature where you found it.

  • Use smoke of Palo Santo or Sage (or other sacred herbs), to clear the space and send your prayers back to source through the smoke.

Let yourself get creative with your altar, have it be a time of your expression and prayers in the physical.

And remember, return your nature offering back to the earth after ceremony!

Enjoy the magic of Cacao and Ceremony.

❤ Lucy

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