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Aquarius New Moon - 22nd January

Themes: hope, inspiration, community The first new moon of the year graces the dawn sky with a sense of beginnings. Aquarius is the eleventh sign in astrology, home to companionship & community. as well as ruled by Uranus, when woven together we are breathing into the energies of innovation, working together to create a more beautiful world. Dive into this dark moon by calling on your close sisters and brothers, sharing your dreams with them and holding each other accountable to truly embody and action them. This is also a time of reviewing any ‘resolutions’ you may have set at the entry of 2023, shifting and molding them to fit who you feel yourself to be after the whirlwind of the holiday season. Note any tension in your relationships and allow this to be a time of repair and gratitude - Aquarius may have an air of independence, however, living interdependently will create a life more fulfilling. Reflect & Write

- Which relationships do you currently need to tend to?

- What are you dreaming to life?

- What inspired action can you take to allow those dreams to manifest?

Ritual If possible, this moon, gather with others. whether that is creating a ceremonial space and sharing your reflections and intentions this cycle, or sharing a meal together to celebrate life. gift yourself the company of others to explore your inspirations for the year to come.

New Moon blessings from us, Katerina and Lucy x



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