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Cancer Full Moon - January 7th

Celebrating the first full moon of the year, in the sign of Cancer! This is a wonderful opportunity, should you still be wearing any lingering energies of 2022 that no longer fit, to lay them down gently and allow the element of water to wash them away.

Cancer, symbolised as the crab, gives the appearance of a hard exterior and soft inner landscape. This can often be perceived as internally sensitive though hardened to the world. However, this outer layer is more of a boundary. And boundaries are a way of keeping the sacred sacred. This is also why Cancer is often depicted as the mother. She who is fierce, loyal, all-loving, devoted, strong-willed, and oftentimes will put down her foot with a firm no. Without the boundaries she places, we may experience burn-out and mis-alignment. Remember: within healthy boundaries (honouring yourself and your needs), therein lies the freedom to explore and expand.

Now, as we settle from the chaos of Christmas and the New Year, retreating to the safe haven of your motherly cocoon may be a well needed reprieve. See this Full Moon as an allowing to slow and retreat into the oceanic depths of your inner world. To take that breath you may have been holding and sigh out, gifting yourself this moment to reflect on the year been and the anchor into the present.

Reflect & Write

  • What does a healthy boundary look and feel like to you?

  • What is most important to you at this time in your life?

  • How can you most nurture this person/experience/thing?

  • In what ways can you allow your inner mama to guide you throughout this moon cycle?


Give yourself over to the element of water and be held. This may be a bath, visiting the ocean or river, pausing with a cup of tea, or even watering your plants. Water holds memory and messages. She is a conduit of absolute surrender, so talk to her. Let her hold any burdens you may be carrying, to be washed away. Or use her to dream: speak what you desire and trust her intelligence that as we enter into 2023, you are divinely guided and blessed.

Share with your friends and save for any time you need a prompt to return home to your heart.

With love,

Katerina and Lucy



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