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Capricorn New Moon - December 23rd

As we enter Capricorn season, we celebrate ending the year in the same energy we began: with a Capricorn new moon. This gifts us with the much needed Earth element, especially as days begin to fire up toward a new year and time feels all too elusive. New moons bring about darkness in our night sky as a reminder that as with everything, we too carry our own sense of darkness. Capricorn embodies this same energy, and those who are Capricorns or have Capricorns close to them will know there can be a quality of seriousness and determination about them. This, alongside darkness, can be interpreted as negative, however truly, this is a blessing. The womb encapsulates darkness as a fertile ground, so let us re-envision this new moon as buckling down, turning our gaze inward, and getting real about what is important in our lives. Depicted as a sea-goat, there is a fair amount of fluidity to this sign, as well as a fierceness to scale mountains and charge through anything blocking the path. Together, this creates a sense of devotion: through clear intention and soft surrender, imagine all the possibilities of what it is you desire, moving into the new year.

That is what is offered to you this new moon: intention and action.

To not only dream, but to embody and live out those dreams.

Reflect & Write

What has been your greatest achievement of 2022?

Where can you gift yourself more fluidity and sense of surrender?

Who/what are you currently devoting yourself to?

Ritual Capricorn has a very “doing” sense about it, and while that is supportive for taking inspired action, it’s also important to be. Whatever the means and looks like to you, give yourself 5 minutes of uninterrupted space to be. Lay in the grass, drink tea in silence, swim, read, meditate, dance, make your cacao extra slow… Even just a little bit of time set aside for this will feel beneficial in the closing of this year. May this final new moon offer you an easeful transition into 2023.

With love and gratitude,

Lucy & Katerina

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