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Gemini Full Moon - December 8th

As the moon rises to her fullness - mirrored on the Earth as flowers in bloom, high ocean tides, the season of summer and a feeling of exuberance - a full moon reminds us of our cyclical nature. A full moon is a window into what we have cultivated and what is now ready to be returned. Another way of thinking about this is that She offers us a moment to reflect and release. So those intentions you set and the seeds planted on the New Moon, now they are in full bloom and ready to be recognised. We acknowledge the mountain climbed and reward ourselves with a stunning view. Gemini, being an air sign and the symbol of the twins, brings to our awareness the fluid and changeable nature of our identities, as well as life. This Gemini Full Moon brings with Her the blessings of illuminating the masks we may be wearing that have become outdated, and perhaps a little inauthentic. Alongside the wildness that the month of December brings, you may be feeling a little brain-scattered and overwhelmed. Know that this too shall pass, and as the masks fall away (should you allow them to) there is clarity and ease awaiting you as the moon begins her waning journey. Easier said than done, here are some ways to support this process:

Reflect and Write…

- Geminis love to dream, so write down your dreams.

What is it you so deeply crave of/and for yourself?

- Explore recent dreams that you have been experiencing these past nights.

What symbols, themes or occurrences are presenting themselves to you?

- And about those masks…

What aspect of yourself do you adore? What aspects are you ready to shed in order to become your authentic self?

Ritual… A dance of identities! Put on a music playlist that includes a few different genres and move your body to the differing frequencies. Notice how it feels in your body and which sounds resonate with you. As our moods fluctuate, so do our personalities - who we are oscillates day to day - so dance as an honouring to who you were, who you are and who you will become.

Share with your friends and save for any time you need a prompt to return home to your heart.

With love,

Katerina and Lucy



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