How To Create Cacao Ceremony At Home

Cacao Ceremony has looked many different ways over it's time... beginning thousands of years ago!

In today's time, we can harness the lineage of Cacao to create ceremony at home for ourselves, or with our loved ones.

Over the past four years, my journey with Cacao Ceremony has evolved and transformed as my relationship with this magical plant has also developed. Read more about my story here.

After serving thousands of cups of Cacao over these years, I have developed a few tips for creating this sacred space for yourself at home.

Setting Up Your Space

The element of setting up your space is crucial to being in an environment which supports ceremony, intention setting, connection to subtle, and connection to yourself. As much as possible find a space or room where you will be relatively undisturbed, and one where you can relax in. It is only when your body and mind feel they can relax and 'let go' that you will be susceptible to the finer elements of ceremony.

Crafting An Altar

Cacao ceremonial

For the use of Ceremony, an altar is a defined sacred space which can represent elements of spirit/divine/creation/nature.

Lay out a special fabric or cloth which contains your altar space. Place sacred items to you on your altar, which are calling in the energy/essence of what they mean to you. These are your power items.

Read more about setting up an altar here.

Preparing Ceremonial Cacao

The sacred medicine of cacao has had thousands of years of intention and devotion. It is important that when you are drinking Cacao in Ceremony that you are drinking a Cacao which supports this lineage. Because although there is a long lineage of ceremony, there is a dark reality of corruption and mis-handling of sacred Cacao. Now is the time where we can re-write this story and bring integrity back to the land, farmers, and consumers.

Cacao Keeper is sourced with a direct link to the farmer in Peru. There is no broker, no dodgy dealings, and it is certain there is a positive impact given to the farmer and his community. This is the way Cacao is asking to be shared in today's world. As awareness is rising, the collective is called to live in full integrity, and take responsibility of what we support with our power of choice and power of money.

When you are preparing your Cacao at home, this is essentially where your ceremony begins. It is here that you can begin tuning into intentions, gratitude, and connecting to Cacao. You can let your creative expression infuse your cacao, sing or drum to your brew, send words of affirmations or place crystals near your pot.

Sitting With Cacao

This is your special time, a true gift for yourself! This part of ceremony is a time to break the cycle of a busy mind and tune into the feeling aspect of self, the 'BEing' as a pose to 'DOing'.

I believe in ceremony we are cultivating a relationship with Cacao, and this relationship is nourished with the inner dialog or conversation. A beautiful and powerful practice is to offer gratitude, prayer, or any words through your internal conversation to cacao. In the stillness and space that follows, become curious to any whispers that return. This may come to you in sounds, words, ideas, memories, inspiration... there is no one way, or right way to explore this ceremony with cacao.

cacao altar

Offering Back To Nature

To close your ceremony, it is special to place an offering back to nature. This may be in the form of a drop of cacao, a breath into the wind, a flower or rock from your altar. This is a closing of the cycle, honoring the return, the power of nature. Giving thanks to the medicine of Cacao, gifted from the earth.

Most of all, have fun with your ceremony, and really utilize this space with yourself to deepen your connection to self, others, and nature.

With love,


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