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Pisces New Moon - 20th February

Take a big sigh out, as we allow the season of Pisces to wrap us in her watery womb, and know you are held in the mysticism she brings. Pisces is the dreamer. She wants to idle her days away, deciphering cloud constellations and journaling words of Beauty. Let her. Be taken into her dreamscape and re-discover the feelings about yourself long forgotten or ignored. If you’re feeling extra teary this moon and season, know you’re not alone. This is a heavily emotional time (not just in reflection of worldly events, but in our inner sanctums as well). A way of nourishing these waves of overwhelm is to embrace them. to understand the absolute nature of being human is to be. You may, alternatively, experience bursts of creativity and insight. Follow yourself down the rabbit hole and immerse in the wonders of Pisces igniting you. Whatever this moon provides for you: go with the flow. That is Her true essence. to peacefully surrender and allow what will be, to be. Reflect

- Where are you feeling spiritually alive in your life currently?

- Where are you experiencing overwhelm?

- What do both of these reflections have in common?

- Finish the sentence: In my wildest dreams, I…

Ritual Water bathing. Whether you have access to the ocean, a bath/shower, or even just a glass of water. Immerse and receive the unique codes of Pisces. This is a time of meditation and dreaming, so let your mind wander. There are no rules here. You may like to write down any thoughts or dreams that you had during this sacred time with yourself.

With love,



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