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Sagittarius New Moon - November 24th

As we welcome in the darkness of a new moon cycle, we celebrate. Now is the time to pause, reflect on the seeds we sowed, watered, watched grow and harvested, bringing us full circle. This new moon is an opportunity to plant new seeds of intent, desires or goals. What is it you are calling forth?

Sagittarius is a fire sign, ruled by the planet Jupiter. This moon will usher in big energies and release, as Sagittarius itself is spontaneous, free-spirited and open-minded, while Jupiter is full of optimism and growth. As you take note of where in your life you are allowing for creative expression, expansion and adventure, and where you are not, know that wherever you are on your journey is wholly seen and celebrated

With all of this power circulating your inner world, remember to also rest - for new moons are a time of nothingness, the void, quiet, and gratitude.


A simple practice of giving, for in order to expand we must also humble ourselves to give. 

As you prepare your cacao, whether solo or shared, make a little extra and offer this to Mother Earth. As you pour your offering to her, see this as a representation of your seeds for the next moon cycle. Perhaps you speak aloud some words or prayers, or simply sit in quiet reflection. Know the Earth will in turn gift to you what you so humbly desire. 

Reflect and write:

~ Where do I feel most creatively fulfilled in my life currently?

~ Where in my body do I feel expansive?

~ What is one adventurous activity I can explore this cycle?

~ Where am I feeling contracted in my life?

~ In that contraction, what lessons are presented to me?

~ How can I celebrate myself this cycle?

Share with your friends and save for any time you need a prompt to return home to your heart.

With love,

Katerina and Lucy

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