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This is our 100% Pure Cacao, the real deal when it comes to cacao and her medicine.

This is the solid form of certified organic cacao, before it is further refined and separated into cacao powder and cacao butter. It has the perfect (just as nature made it) ratio of all that cacao is. Due to this purity, it creates a rich and creamy cacao, with only water needed (and a little sweetener if you want that).

 Intention is a big part of a home ceremony, so with each 300g bag you will receive an intention setting card to personalise and place on your altar (or anywhere special). 

Our cacao is grown in Northern Peru. This cacao is shade grown, and of the native strain criollo. What this means is that our cacao supports the restoration of native strains, and sustainable agricultural practices. 'Rescue Cacao' is another name for this source, as it too provides a substantial wage for families who tend to the cacao, thus keeping them from turning to monoculture farming or illegal crop farming just to make a decent wage. We are proud of this, and each purchase contributes towards this positive impact.

 Heavy metals are tested in our cacao and are below required safety specifications, including levels of cadmium

- Free NZ wide shipping (No P.O.Box or Waiheke Island Deliveries)
- Allow 3-5 working days for delivery
- Keep in a cool dry place
- 300g / 1kg

Ceremonial Cacao Pure

  • - Take your special cacao cup and measure out required water per serve (200ml)

    - Add water to a pot to warm

    - Grate off approx. 2 heaped tablespoons of cacao pure (per 200ml serve)

    - Blend together cacao pure and warm water, add sweetener/spice of your choice

    - Return to the pot to heat further

    - Infuse your love

    - Enjoy

  • What is ceremonial cacao?

    For us ceremonial cacao is about intention and devotion. Each component of this cacao has been a refinement over a few years. It is only now that we have a source of cacao that is of full alignment with our beliefs of living in harmony with nature. This cacao is different than what would would pick up from your local shop, and that is due to a few things - the source of cacao, the intention for making the product in the first place, and the intended use of the product. Cacao Keeper intends that you will prepare, and drink your cacao as a time to deepen your connection to self, others and/or nature. This is you creating ceremony for yourself. 


    What do I need to prepare this cacao?

    - Fresh water 

    - Sweetener if you want that (coconut sugar or honey)

    - Heat source

    - Blender or stick blender 


    Do I need to add milk?

    - No, only water is needed for a thick and creamy blend. This is part of keeping this cacao pure and ceremonial, is keeping all components as pure as possible. 

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Ceremonial Cacao Pure

Ceremonial Cacao Pure