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enjoy our range of ceremonial cacao and daily essentialls 


Transforming this solid pure cacao into a deliciously creamy

hot cacao takes only a few simple steps.

raw cacao peru

Cacao is a sacred fruit, one that is native to central & South America, and now grown in the Pacific Islands, and in South-East Asia.

We are very grateful for our wonderful single origin source of cacao from Peru, grown by the loving hands of our farmer Rolando. 

This cacao is certified organic and grown in Tocache Peru, on a small farm where the cacao is considered 'rescue cacao' as the re-planting of these native cacao trees have helped restore the land, and provide a sustainable living for the families who grow and tend to the cacao trees. Our cacao is also shade grown (agroforestry) under other native and local fruits such as banana and papaya, the shade grown cacao is a much more sustainable agricultural practice when growing this cacao as there is no mono cropping happening in the farms and a healthy soil/ecosystem supports the growth of this fine crop. We are very proud of this aspect of our cacao! 

All of this means that with each bag of cacao, you are supporting the revolution in the cacao industry, and voting with your dollar towards what matters. 

We handle our cacao with devotion and love, through each stage of the process.

We work with Sally and Corin from Seleno Health and our loving Cacao Farmer to restore sacred integrity to the cacao industry - from farmer, supplier, to consumer.

I see it is our responsibility now, to strengthen our own relationship with cacao (and the earth) and form a bond with this special plant.

In doing this, we become a cacao keeper - supporting an ethical and harmonious co-existence with nature. There are many stories on the lineage of Cacao, being used as a medicine, a currency, a sacred tool, and of course in ceremony. We honor this lineage and all those who have maintained a pure connection to cacao. 

All cacao is processed at the farm it is grown, and there is two degrees of separation between us and the farmer! No broker, suspicious middle man, or corrupt dealing around here. 

We blend and package our cacao all by hand, in this process infusing and charging your cacao up with love and blessings. This is almost the most important ingredient, and you can taste it!

Cacao Blend

Cacao Powder (Peru)

Cacao Butter (Peru)

Coconut Sugar (Fiji)

100% Cacao


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